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Calcined Anthracite Coal

Calcined anthracite is manufactured by heating high-grade anthracite coal to temperatures as high as 2000º C in a DC Electric Calciner obtaining a devolatized and semi-graphitized product. calcined anthracite coal has a higher carbon content and relatively higher thermal and electrical conductivity than conventional anthracite coal. Calcining is controlled to achieve a significant lower Electrical Resistivity (E.R.- µΩm), ranging from 550µΩm to 750µΩm depends on customer’s needs. Our calcined anthracite has low moisture, volatile and sulphur content. It can be used in the manufacture of prebake electrodes, Soderberg and tamping pastes, and carbon blocks and is an Excellent smelting additive due to its high purity and consistency.


  • 95% carbon content
  • Contains 3 ash content


  • Sulphur : 1
  • V.M : 1
  • Moisture : 1

Calcined Anthracite Coal

Price: 40.00


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